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What is the best 42 1080p lcd hdtv?

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What is the best 42 1080p lcd hdtv?

LG, the presiding marketplace of the consumption of electronic devices, have developed the new LCD TV 42LG50 to redefine your HDTV surveillance. A stunning model with an attractive design, the LG 42LG50 is decorated with dark speakers and a no problem thin chrome strip on the bottom.
In full native resolution of 1920 touch 1080, the 42LG50 LCD HDTV produces more capacious images that are sharp and halcyon. Other outlook to revise the idol, such as 3 A / V mode and 8 picture modes help the smooth double and Television in depth all possible means. In addition, the copy constraint exhibit high both vertically and horizontally across the view angle 178 degrees. Therefore, you contract flip over your favorite scene from any seat in your animate room, and unbroken unpunctual the convention.

The HDMI interface of the LG 42LG50 are obtrusive. They do a good job with SD channels, and you can connect your PlayStation, Blu - ray, digital TV, and even applications that use PC via HDMI cable for high - end TV. The best thing is the price. With a price of around $ 1099. 99 MSRP, LG 42LG50 offers perhaps one of the best deals in this range of LCD TVs.

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